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Shin Tekken Chinmi

In the 1st saga, Chimni is targeted by the ruler's personnel consisting of an army, a vicious captain and a general. Chinmi engaged the captain throughout the whole saga and had a final duel with him in volume 8. After defeating the captain, he was to engage against the general which was a much tougher foe to defeat compared to the inferior captain. Fortunately, thanks to Chinmi's agility and quick reflexes, he managed to defeat the general resulting in him falling out of the castle walls.
The princess was worried that the general might still be alive, hence, she brought a group of men to hunt the general down and kill him. Once the general was discovered, they rallied up and attempted to engage him. The general committed suicide as he did not want people to know that he was defeated by enemies weaker than him and died under his own technique. This saga ends at book 13.

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V5 (ch19-20)

The 2nd saga depicts him of infiltrating the naval base as a spy for the emperor. The emperor has suspected that there were men with other motives and to overthrow the current admiral in order to gain authority in the navy. Chinmi, Dan Dan and Xu Fang were sent to act as spies for the emperor. This saga spans from volume 14 - 20.

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V15 (ch1-ch2)

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