Minggu, 21 Agustus 2011

Team Medical Dragon

Genius surgeon Asada Ryutaro, whose methods have made him a bit of a renegade in the eyes of Japanese doctors, is asked to join a university hospital in order to perform a difficult surgery to prove a thesis. However, the hospital gets more than it bargained for, as Asada refuses to bend to the egoistical machinations of the hospital staff. With his great compassion for his patients and his disregard of sticking to out-dated rules, he soon makes friends - and many enemies.

Volume 01
Volume 02 part 1, part 2.
Volume 03 part 1, part2.
Volume 04 part 1, part2.
Volume 05.
Volume 06 part 1, part2.
Volume 07 part 1, part2.
Volume 08 part 1, part2.

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