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How to uninstall deepfreeze if you forgot the password.

You have installed DeepFreeze version 6 and forgot your Deep-Freeze password and you do not know how to remove or uninstall the Deep-Freeze on your computer without a password, I hope this tutorial useful for you.

Unlike DeepFreeze older that version 6.0, on the Deep-freeze 6.xx there no smart software to disable or uninstall this Deep Freeze version  without password. On the previous version of Deep Freeze you can hacked the software using “Deep Freeze Unfreezer” but the software useless on DeepFreeze v.6. Before formating your hardisk and lose your data why not do the method below. You can disable or uninstall DeepFreeze 6 without password and do not need reformat your hardisk.

Here the small tricks to disable or unintal Deep Freeze ver 6 without password:

   1. Boot your computer from Windows XP Installer
   2. After appear “Enter to Setup” option, Press Enter then press F8.
   3. Selected R to repair Windows system ( Repair Setup)
   4. Continue repairing/installing windows untill finish.
   5. Prepare the Deepfreeze v.6 installed, open the file like you want to install the software.
   6. it’s will show “Uninstall Deep-freeze” options. Uninstall the software, after uninstall finished reboot your computer.
   7. Now the Deep-freeze has removed from your computer.

Note: I tested this method on Windows XP only, on another windows version maybe this method does not work.

Source : from some source on the net.

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